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with some of the iconic locations of the world, the magnificent continent. Europe has always been a dream location of every travel enthusiast in this video. We are going to share a tour planned to three most beautiful places of europe: london, paris and switzerland. Start your journey by enjoying the beauty of river thames and river scene and return back to your home with an everlasting memory of visiting gorgeous switzerland. Here i will share information about how to get visa top places to visit the budget and online booking links the visa to visit europe.

All indian passport holders need a pre-approved visa for switzerland and paris. You will need a senior visa that can be obtained from the embassy in new delhi. The senior visa is allowed for a stay of maximum 90 days. You can apply for the visa from a maximum of 6 months to 2 weeks before you visit the country. The processing time of the visa is around 15 days in a normal situation, and the cost will be around rupees 4400 per person.

You can check the documents required to get the visa online. I will share the link in the description box below to visit london. You will need a tourist visa that also can be obtained from the embassy in new delhi. The tour plan day, one on day. One of your tour reach lornan from india.

You can get a direct flight to hithro airport from india in the afternoon. Go to see the famous london eye. London eye is one of the most famous tourist attraction of the city and is a famous landmark. It is actually a huge ferris wheel on the south bank of river thames. A 30 minutes ride to this wheel will offer a spectacular panoramic view of the entire london city.

London eye is open from 11am to 6 pm on monday to friday, and from 10 30 am to 8 30 pm on saturday sunday. Ticket price is around rupees 2500 per adult. You can book the ticket online. I will share the link in the description box below day two on second day: go for a city, sightseeing tour in london. The main places to visit on this day are tower of london.

It is a royal fortress and was once an infamous prison. It is one of the world’s famous buildings and a world heritage site. Currently there is a museum inside this castle, which houses famous jewels and crowns. The entry fee to the place is 28.9 pound, and you can book the tickets online tower bridge a two tower bridge over river tabs, picadilly circus situated in the west end of the city.

It is one of the busiest junction of london westminster, abbey london’s, most famous church and the world heritage site, big bang and parliament. It is a great bale of the clock tower situated at the north end of the westminster palace visit, the parliament house beside it, [ Music, ], trafalgar square, a prime location of the city with numerous cultural places, buckingham palace, the famous royal palace of lornan, [ Applause, ] [ Music ] height park. It is one of the eight royal parks in london and is one of the largest city parks of the world. Madame tussauds works museum witnessed the walk, sculpture of many famous personalities here day 3 on day 3 visit the windsor castle. It is the royal residence of british rulers.

This palace is said to be the oldest and longest occupied fort in entire europe. From march to october. The palace is open to the visitors from 10 am to 4 pm and from december to february, from 10 am to 3 pm. Ticket price here is 23.5 pound per adult for all the tourist places of london.

You can book tickets online. I will share the links in the description box below day 4 on day 4 morning, go to paris from london by train after reaching paris. First visit efl tower. It is the iconic tower of paris and is also a world famous one. At present, it is one of the most visited sites of the world and is an architectural marvel in the evening.

You can enjoy a cruise in river scene and enjoy the beauty of paris day 5 on 5th day go for paris, city 2.

The places to visit on this day are boss way palace. These are beautiful palace and was once the royal residence. The palace is located 10 kilometer away from the city center. The prime spots to visit inside the palace complex are the palace, the garden hall of mirrors and royal chapel.

The place is open from 9am to 5 30 p.m. Louisville museum situated on the banks of riversim. It is the world’s largest museum and is a landmark of the city. It hosts huge collection of art that spans from the 6th century bc to the 19th century, eddie plus de la concorde.

It is one of the widely visited public squares in paris and is surrounded by many famous places, our de it means triumphal arc of the star and is a notable monument in paris. The monument was made in the honor of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for france during the napoleonic wars and french revolution day 6 on 6th day visit disneyland in paris. Disneyland paris is a world-famous theme park that both an adult and a kid can enjoy. It is a place where you can meet your favorite fairy tale. Characters have a magical experience, while riding numerous spelling rides can take a tour to the magical, castles and enchanting islands.

Overall, it is a place that has many entertaining facilities for all. It is better to visit this place between may and march, as this is a peak season when you will have maximum fun here, but at the same time you will find maximum crowd. Also so try to book your ticket beforehand, day 7 on 7th day of your tour go to beautiful space town interlaken from paris. The city interlaken is situated in the lap of alps and you can enjoy snow clouded mountain peaks at this place. The prime tourist attraction of this city are harder, go scenic mountain from top of which you can get a spectacular view of the entire interlaken city and the two lakes lake brings and lakehoon the two to harder comb will cost around rupees three thousand per adult lake.

Brian, a beautiful lake with turquish blue water lakehound, another gorgeous lake with deep blue water, where you can also enjoy water sports activities. Saint beaches caves, a cave system named after irish monk, beat us day, 8

On 8th day, go for a tour to zoom frog. It is the highest mountain peak in europe located at a height of 3466 meters. It is one of the best tourist places in interlaken. You can visit the ice palace with several ice sculptures and can enjoy sledging, skiing and snowboarding and zoom flow.

The tour will cost around rupees 22 thousand day nine on ninth day, go to another beautiful city, loose red in the heart of switzerland, on the banks of river rios. It is a place where you can see large green meadows spread over miles, ancient houses and churches, glittering lakes and the snow-capped alps. As a background, a city tour will cost around rupees 2000 to 2500.. The prime attraction of this tour are 13th century chapel bridge the oldest wooden bridge in europe, 17th century jesuit church, a major landmark in swiss history famous for its gorgeous architecture, mount titlis.

You can enjoy a half day. Long truth to the mount title is from lucerne. You can ride a cable car to reach the top of the mountain peak. The tour will cost approximately rupees 10 000 per adult day 10 on 10th day, head back to airport for departure. The budget.

Almost all the major tour operators in india provide this europe tour package which can be booked online. The package will cost around rupees eighty two thousand to one lakh per hen, depending on the number of places covered and the activities to take part in accommodation, food and sightseeing. Tour is generally included in this package. Airfare entropy to the specific locations and taxes are not included in this package price. I will share the online package booking links in the description box below.

If you love this tour plan, then please like and share the video. Also do let us know your opinion in the comment section below your opinion means a lot to us. Thanks for watching [, Music, ]


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