How to replace rotted sink base cabinet floor bottom. Easy! Home Mender.

The base cupboard under my kitchen area sink is decayed out This set’s gross and also moldy. It’S obtained to be changed. I’M gon na show you how Allow’s get to it. First, we want to obtain rid of this floor Gross Next off. We desire to build a framework to take a seat for the flooring to sit on.

We cannot just stick an item of plywood therein, otherwise it’s gon na be drooping and also appear, like a house owner unique. Currently, my floor used to evaluate this elevation right below, so we’re gon na determine that elevation, because that’s where we want our board to rest Resembles. I got five as well as 8. Inches now obtain the width as well as length 45 by 191/2. Now I’m going to make up my 5 inches base cupboard floor height.

I took some old pallet wood, We’re gon na set it in below. Alright, I’m gon na set those in there towards the front as well as one towards the back These only procedure about 31/2. I need at the very least 5, so I’m gon na cap it with a 2×4 to bring my height up where I need it. Looking excellent. Currently, my wall plate in the back where the closet flooring rests, is still in excellent form If your own misbehaves may need to transform it to hold up the cupboard flooring in the back.

Currently, let’s protect it to the floor, Perfect That need to provide us enough sustain for our floor Next we’re gon na measure for the flooring bottom: Butt. The tape right to the wall Make sure you transcend that back lip and bring it bent on the cabinet. Face 48 by 231/4. Currently after we obtain our cabinet flooring, determined as well as reduced, you can just slip it in. If you do not have this focal point, If you do have a centerpiece like I do we’re gon na have to do it a little various After I understand the measurement as well as my board is cut.

I’M gon na cut the board in fifty percent and area it in there in 2 pieces. I want the break to fall right behind below, so we’re just gon na determine over cut ours at concerning 2 Area, the boards in the cabinet, and also fit the joints with each other. If you sufficed upside-down, you can have a nice finished cut without splintering, I’m utilizing quarter-inch plywood After you get the floor. Therein allow’s nail it down, Remember to mark where your studs were so you’re, not jabbing holes in your new flooring, Secure with completing nails And also done That’s it Super very easy. We simply changed your base, closet flooring on your kitchen.

You can also utilize it in a shower room. I intend anywhere you’re having a leakage trouble and also now the rats can leave as well as you can stop shedding things down in those openings, So for House Mender Inc. This is Dustin. I hope you discovered something today and if you did do not neglect to click subscribe. Many thanks for seeing

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