Tasty Garam Masala | ख़ुशबूदार और बेस्ट गरम मसाला रेसिपी ।Homemade Garam Masala | Chef Ranveer Brar

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Making spices is not very difficult, and understanding spices isn't so difficult either and in the next 5-7 minutes, you will learn the best recipe for garam masala in the world and with it tasting any food and knowing what spices are there and how to make it, you will understand that too Guarantee. So Namaste, I am Ranveer Brar and today we are making Garam masala and for that you will need spices Rolling and Action So firstly let's solve this problem that why is Garam Masala called garam masala Garam masala is not called garam masala because because the spices are heated or put in hot food it is called that because the spices that go in Garam masala have warming qualities meaning the spices added in garam masala they tend to heat your body this spice mix was normally had during the winter to warm the body Later, over the years it became like garam masala is any mix of spices and is called garam masala and every house started having their own garam masala, what i'm going to make, your different boxed garam masala is, K.K Garam masala which king brand is that? It is better than all of these for the body the most common ingredient for any spice mix is coriander seeds and cumin seeds every thing has to be separately roasted especially when making garam masala, and always remember that never roast it 100% because it you completely cook it then it will burn in the mixer cook it to 70-80% , dry it then put it in the mixer here it is, now I will use 2 kinds of cumin first white cumin second black cumin the black cumin is also called 'Shahi Jeera' Actually shahi jeera means the same black in Urdu is called Siyah, so from Siyah jeera it became 'Siyahi' jeera and from that shahi jeera there is nothing Shahi (royal) about the jeera (Cumin) its only 'Siyahi' so let's roast both types of cumin together Okay? Approximately 3 parts white cumin and 1 part black cumin So here the white cumin is going the body but the black cumin is giving both the body and and is giving a floral aroma too it's slightly floral let's say that this is the base of the spice mix now we need to build up the mix on this now it's turn for the fragrant spices as i said there are 2 kinds of fragrances one is earthy and one is aromatic floral and fruity smells and earthy smells Earthy smells, fruity flowery smells we'll mix them both to make our spice mix today okay? So firstly, the spices with the earthy smells which is black cardamom Black peppercorn and a little cinnamon, if stone flower if you have it then you don't need to add black cardamom, green cardamom is also fine but here we need earthy and smokiness in the mix because stone flower isn't there so that's why im using black cardamom so here is the earthy spices on one side of the plate and on the other side the fragrant spices for fragrant spices green cardamom Okay? cloves Star anise and with it mace and how can we forget bay leaves bay leaves for earthy flavors so here on this plate, one side fragrant spices and one side earthy spices and now chilies chilies i'll use these ones byadgi red chilies are my red chilies, i always use only byadgi because they have an aroma and it has colour but not a lot of spiciness, chilly is optional I add a little for the color in my garam masala but if you don't want to add then don't classically garam masala doesn't have chilies it is optional but I add it if you don't want it spicy then remove the seeds, I'm removing them and here go the rest of the spices add a little salt while roasting them this will maintain the aroma of the spices even after grinding them essential oil meaning all the flavor of the spices is all in the form of oil meaning every spice contains some essential oils in them that have the fragrance that's why tempering is done by oil that the fragrance of the spices gets absorbed in the oil, the meaning of essential oils is remember to not heat the spices too much before grinding or all the fragrance will be gone from the essential oils and you will be left with mud in the name of spice mix and you will say 'Ranveer you didn't tell us' Ranveer did tell you take care of the temperature now the spices are roasted, after around 70% cool them them churn them in a mixer don't add them like this when they are hot or else they'll become extremely hot and won't be nice, now till the spices are cooling let's talk about them If there were no spices and no value of spices in the world then the world map would be completely different That is how powerful spices are nice okay one more thing if you are making garam masala during the summer so in this much spices add around half a spoon of fennel seeds and if you are making it in the winter then add half nutmeg nutmeg provides heat to the body where as fennel is a cooling spice so to balance the weather these spices are used or else approximately the recipe of garam masala is the same and compared to this all other garam masalas are a fail done see mom will be happy today goldy made garam masala for her look are the color, I like this color a lot which is why I add the chillies, don't add if you don't want to and remember the fragrant spices you can add any meaning you can also add rose we are adding cardamom nutmeg and mace some people add different roots like Paan for the earthy tones, so the art of masala blending is purely understanding these 3 categories of spices and how to layer it body earthiness and aroma that's all that it takes to make a good masala and make this garam masala if you have the time because it's amazing

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